I'm re-posting NY resolutions as a checklist, post-dated for the end of this year.

Some things will be ongoing tasks, and won't be checked off until I feel like I've been consistent with them for several months at the least.

I may add things to this list, or remove ones that I've straight-up decided were a bad idea (like buying a car).

The checklist is using GFM, which this blog generator doesn't understand. (That's on the list.)

things i hope to maybe do in 2017

  • [ ] Work less at work
    • [ ] Mainly, stop working on weekends and in the middle of the night and stuff
  • [ ] Get familiar enough with ClojureScript to write something real-world
  • [ ] Same, with Haskell
  • [x] Learn more about sh and POSIX compat in general
    • [x] Also convert as much of my dotfiles as possible to use sh instead of bash
    • [x] Also weed out my dotfiles, they're ridiculous
  • [ ] At least record the acoustic album that's been written and sitting there for ages
  • [ ] Maybe get Windows working enough to finish up the electro album thing
  • [x] Start learning to play the cello
  • [ ] Be healther
    • [ ] Switch to vaping, for real this time
    • [x] Maybe eat better?
      • [x] Less pizza, at least
  • [x] Finish paying off debts, so close
    • [x] Also try not to tap into savings so much for stupid things
  • [ ] Change how this blog is built, so it's more flexible, and maybe using something fun like Frog (using GFM).
    • [x] Also, blog more (at least, clear out my drafts dir).
  • [x] Be making more money
    • [x] Preferably where I am now, but somewhere else if that doesn't work out
    • [x] Also start actually emailing recruiters back
  • [x] Actually finish anything ever
    • [x] Various unfinished small projects
  • [x] Make progress on learning Korean, for real this time
  • [x] Try really hard to not write any untested code
  • [x] Make a real effort to talk to real humans in real life
  • [x] Take the time to move all things using Facebook auth away from this
  • [x] Delete Facebook
  • [x] Get more tattoos